Kinases are dynamic proteins that can adopt several distinct conformational states.

Thats why we built KinaMetrix.

A webserver to investigate kinase conformations and inhibitor space.

On you can:

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Database of Kinase Conformation Predictions From Kinformation


Database of Geometric Descriptors Describing Kinase Conformations

Database of Kinase Bound Ligands

3D scatterplot of kinase structure predictions using Kinformation


Annotate Kinase Conformation using Kinformation

Enrichment of Substructures per Kinase Conformation

The red line indicates enriched substructures below a p-value threshold of .05
Click on a point to visualize a substructure of interest as well as get links to the parent ligand and interaction maps seen in the structure (scroll down)
Search for fragments by SMILES string

Models of Kinases in Unseen Conformations

These Models are available for academic and educational use under a Academic Public License and is intended for non-commercial use.

For a commercial license please contact the Schlessinger laboratory.

To download models, select a row from the table below and click the 'Download selected models' button below

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How to cite us:

There are currently three articles that KinaMetrix is a part of, please cite all three if possible.
If you utilized this website by accessing the database, using Kinformation, or viewing our fragment database please refer to our following papers:
If you used any of the homology models of kinases in missing inactive conformations please cite our KinaMetrix article as well as the following:

How to contact us:

If you have any issues with the webserver in general, running Kinformation, accesing the fragment library, find any bugs, or have an idea for a helpful feature, please contact:
  • rayees(dot)rahman@icahn(dot)mssm(dot)edu
    Rayees is the principal server developer and maintainer. He also trained Kinformation and built the fragment libaries and network.
    For any questions about the kinase homology models, the geometric descriptors used to train Kinformation or about DFGModel, please contact:
    • peter(dot)ung@mssm(dot)edu
      Dr. Ung develped the algorithm to derive the geometric descriptors describing the DFG and αC-Helix motifs in kinases.
      He also created DFGModel and generated all the homology models available on this webserver.

      For general inquires please contact:
      • avner(dot)schlessinger@mssm(dot)edu
        Dr. Schlessinger is the principal investigator of this project.

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      This server is funded by:
      • National Institute of General Medical Sciences Integrated Pharmacological Sciences Training Program (T32GM062754) [Rayees Rahman]

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